About Us

The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges adopted a major policy statement calling for a comprehensive, statewide Career Ladders Initiative (Ladders of Opportunity: A Board of Governors' Initiative For Developing California's New Workforce).

Founded upon this framing document, the Career Ladders Project (CLP) aims to improve post-secondary career pathway access and completion for underserved populations. The CLP pursues policy initiatives and makes research based recommendations regarding career ladder programs in California community colleges. The CLP also provides strategic advice and technical assistance to community colleges and their workforce partners in building regional career pathway and bridge programs. Recent projects include work on the career pathway in process technologies for the energy, petrochemical, and water treatment employers in Contra Costa County, and the regional biotechnology career pathway system in the greater Bay Area. With the sponsorship of the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, the CLP is currently developing Gateway programs offering bridges to college and careers for disadvantaged youth and young adults in six California counties.

The project researched and assessed the challenges and opportunities facing colleges and their regional workforce partners in developing career pathways. The project resulted in policy recommendations and an action plan to move the colleges and the state toward realization of the career ladders vision set forth in Ladders of Opportunity; these were incorporated into the new Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Governors in January 2006.

The CLP operates under the auspices of the Foundation for California Community Colleges, a 501(c)(3).