Roy Robles

Roy Robles has a background in broadcasting and film. Hes produced independent documentaries and promotional videos and has worked as a freelance commercial producer for five years for a range of clients, including community colleges, small businesses and private clients. Roy also writes and produces his own music, combining his work in film with original scores and soundtracks.

Roy is also accomplished in woodworking, maintaining his own shop and producing furniture and decorative wood art for a range of private clients. Roy has served as an instructional assistant in the wood technology program at Laney College in Oakland and taught woodworking in a K-5 after-school enrichment program for several years.

Roy has studied videography and digital media production including work at the New School for Social Research. Roy earned his Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting with a minor in Film from Montclair State University.

He was born in Newark, New Jersey to immigrant parents from Puerto Rico. As a youth Roy began a DJ career in the NYC scene, where he marketed and promoted shows and events. He assembled a NU Jazz/broken beat band, managing the band and playing percussions. He now lives with his wife and three children in Alameda. Roy is excited to work with the Career Ladders Project and contribute his talents to help create change.
Roy Robles, Media Strategist