Theresa Rowland

Image of Theresa Rowland Theresa Rowland is the Director of Special Projects for the Career Ladders Project. Theresa’s background includes more than twenty years in the field of teaching, educational administration and project management. She has been consistently recognized for her professional and personal emphasis on services to community college students and other learning populations.

Theresa served as Vice President of Economic Development at DeAnza College under Martha Kanter. Prior to that she served as Director of the Occupational Training Institute for the Foothill–DeAnza Community College District; Assistant Employment Coordinator at Long Beach City College; and an instructor and counselor at San Diego City and Mesa Colleges, specializing in career counseling. With considerable experience in designing and coordinating community college campus programs serving non-traditional students, displaced workers, public housing candidates, and women in non-traditional careers, Theresa has successfully implemented diverse workforce development programs across funding streams including WIA, ETP, community college system initiative grants, CalWORKS, and private foundations.

Since her work began in the community colleges in 1988, Theresa has brought quality programming and leadership to educational collaboratives with regional communities. She has served on the Bay Area College IT Consortium, Bay Area Workforce Development Deans, CCCCO Carl Perkins VTEA 2000 State Plan Committee. She has authored, staffed, and administered over $6 million in grants with public and private foundations, and provided oversight for programs and operations in higher education.

Theresa Rowland holds a Master’s degree in Counselor Education and a Bachelor of Science in Education. She has an earned certificate in Community College Administration through U.C. Los Angeles.
Theresa Rowland, Director of Special Projects