Linking After-School Employment to Career Pathways

Linking After-School Employment to Career Pathways:
CCC System Demonstration Project

Funded in part by California Community College's Chancellor's Office

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office has expanded a current investment in the statewide Career Advancement Academy (CAA) initiative and launched a new grant funded initiative. Focused on linking afterschool employment to longer career pathways by building connections between local employers, community colleges and afterschool providers, this initiative funds projects at five community college sites.

Involved community colleges are partnering with employers, local workforce investment boards, social service agencies, and community organizations for outreach, recruitment and supportive services. The colleges work closely with local County Offices of Education and afterschool providers in developing and implementing programs, including training and job placement.

Enrolled students are typically 18 to 30 years of age and can use this opportunity to begin a career path in a number of related fields, including education, youth development or other public services. After a bridge semester which addresses foundational skills and career preparation, they attend college and work in local afterschool programs, earning college credit and income.

The Career Ladders Project provides strategic support and technical assistance to the projects and works to link them in a community of learners within the overall Career Advancement Academy Initiative.


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RFA Linking After Shool Employment to Career Pathways

Awarded Projects:

Hartnell College
Laney College
San Diego City College
San Jose City College
State Center CCD