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Afterschool Policy Brief:  Recruiting Teachers to High-Need Schools:  A Career Pathway that Builds on California’s Afterschool Infrastructure
Children Now
March 2010

Improving the Skills and Credentials of Migrant, Seasonal and American Indian/Alaska Native Head Start Teachers: BUILDING FROM WITHIN
G. Cuesta and K. Boswell
February 2010

California AfterSchool Network
A statewide coalition charting the course of after-school opportunities for Californias's children and youth.

Pathways to Teaching-
A Program of the Workforce Institute

San Jose/Evergreen Community College District
Two Colleges/One Community Newsletter
Issue #33, June 2009 - Page 7

Growing Pains
California confronts challenges in work force development, youth recruitment

Erika Fitzpatrick
November 1, 2008

Effectively Expanding California’s After School System:
Overcoming the Workforce Supply Obstacle

Afterschool Policy Brief
Children Now
March 2008

Local Schools Give Youth Workers More Class:
Low cost, easy access make community colleges ideal for staff training.
M. Nichols
February 2008

Earn, Learn and Insipre: Afterschool Employment as a Path to Career Opportunities
November 2007

Holding California Afterschool Programs Accountable
S. Piha
California Committee on Afterschool Accountability
Winter 2006

Using the Workforce Investment Act to Support Out-of-School Time Initiatives:
A Strategy Brief
H. Stebbins
The Finance Project
Vol. 4, No. 2 , September 2003

Industry Sectors: Education and Public Service

CLP Presentations

California Workforce Association, Youth Conference
Long Beach, California
January 17, 2008

Connecting Afterschool Employment with Strategic Workforce Development Systems
21st CCLC Summer Institute, 2008