First 3 years

Funded in part by California Community College's Chancellor's Office

The colleges engaged in the CAA demonstration made significant progress in developing high-impact strategies and effective program models that keep students moving toward the completion of post-secondary credentials, especially among first-generation college and disconnected young adults. The work has sparked experimentation across the CCC system with career pathway and contextualized approaches gaining considerable traction as a result of the CAAs.  

CAAs have scaled up quickly, now offering career pathway programs in 13 sectors in some 30 community colleges across California. Over 6,000 students have been served in the first phase;  participants are all ages, but 78% are between 17 and 34 years, and are from very diverse communities.  Initial outcomes are very encouraging.  For more info, see the brief summary handout.

CAA Videos
Videos serve as documentation and communication tools for sites and partners of the Career Advancement Academies.


CAAs featured in Issue Brief from Social Policy Research Associates

East Bay Career Advancement Academy highlighted in East Bay Community Foundation Report -
Full Report

Central Valley Career Advancement Academy,
featured in the Fresno Bee, 9/29/08

Los Angeles Healthcare Career Advancement Academy,
highlighted in Sacramento Bee Op Ed, 4/27/08

Los Angeles Healthcare Career Advancement Academy is featured in the Los Angeles Times. 4/21/08

The Programa en Carpinteria Fina,
a program of the East Bay Career Advancement Academy highlighted in the Contra Costa Times, 3/25/08

Awarded projects:

East Bay Career Advancement Academy

Central Valley Career Advancement Academy

Los Angeles Career Advancement Academy

Background documents and materials:
Career and Technical Education Pathways Initiative
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
Fourth Annual Report December 2010. The CAAs are featured in the fourth annual report on pages 38-42.

More background documnets and materials






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