Green Transportation Collaborative

Green Car

The Green Transportation Statewide Collaborative and Career Advancement Academies is a statewide endeavor targeting the aftermarket repair and green transportation sector. The project brings together automotive faculty, industry and workforce leaders to develop hybrid and electric vehicle repair training programs and train 300 individuals for jobs in hybrid/electric vehicle technology in 2011-2012. The initiative is anchored at Skyline College and Contra Costa College in the Bay Area and Long Beach City College in southern California, with Skyline College leading the overall effort. The project features: 1) Industry leadership to establish recognized competencies for hybrid and electric vehicle repair curriculum; 2) Flexible training options that allow for multiple entry and exit points in the green transportation sector; 3) Job coaching, retention and bridge models to assist disadvantaged populations with barriers to employment to enter the green transportation sector; and 4) Systems-change work to spread uptake of industry-recognized curriculum and effective workforce practices across California community college and industry partnerships.
The initiative builds on the successful Career Advancement Academies (CAAs), a statewide community college demonstration project that establishes pipelines to college and high wage careers for underprepared and underemployed young adults. This project leverages the current Automotive CAA at Contra Costa College and will initiate a new CAA at Skyline College.  Local Workforce Investment Boards are key partners in the recruitment, retention and placement of those trained.
The Career Ladders Project for California Community Colleges is providing technical assistance to the colleges and their workforce partners in areas of diversifying the workforce and building upon coherent state strategies that address the skill needs of employers and provide opportunity for all Californians.  The project is funded through a statewide Green Innovation Challenge Grant.

To learn more, visit the Green Transportation Collaborative Community of Practice website