Basic Skills

Unlocking the Gate: What We Know About Improving
Developmental Education

Executive Summary
E.Z. Rutschow and E. Schneider
June 2011

Gateway to a Better Future: Creating a Basic Skills System for California
The California Budget Project
May 2011

California's Basic Skills Students: Who Succeeds and Why
The California Budget Project
May 2011

Beyond Basic Skills: State Strategies to Connect Low-Skilled Students to an Employer-Valued Postsecondary Education
M. Foster, J. Strawn, and A. E. Duke-Benfield
March 2011

Reforming Mathematics Classroom Pedagogy: Evidence-Based Findings and Recommendations for the Developmental Math Classroom
M. Hodara
February 2011

Assessing Developmental Assessment in Community Colleges

K.L. Hughes and J. Scott-Clayton
February 2011

Accelerating the Academic Achievement of Students Referred to Developmental Education

N. Edgecombe
February 2011

How I-BEST Works: Findings from a Field Study of Washington
State's Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program

J. Wachen, D. Jenkins, and M. Van Noy
September 2010

Course-Taking Patterns, Policies, and Practices in
Developmental Education in the California Community Colleges

M. Perry, P.R. Bahr, M. Rosin, & K.M. Woodward, K.M.
June 2010

Reading Between the Lives
Chabot College and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, 2007

Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in
California Community Colleges, 2007

Remediation in the Community College: An Evaluator's Perspective
Henry Levin & Juan Carlos Calcagno, May 2007.
Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University, NY
(Working Paper No. 9)