Foster Youth Resources






The Transition to Adulthood: How States Can Support Older Youth in Foster Care
NGA Center for Best Practices
S. Golonka
December 2010

Supporting Success: Improving Higher Education Outcomes for Students from Foster Care Version 2.0
J. Emerson and L. Bassett
Casey Family Programs

My So Called Emancipation: From Foster Care to Homelessness for California Youth
Human Rights Watch
May 2010

Hopes & Hurdles: California Foster Youth and College Financial Aid
Deborah Frankle Cochrane and Laura Szabo-Kubitz, The Institute for College Access and Success, October 2009

Efforts to Address Financial Competency and Asset Development
Among Transitioning Foster Youth: Full Report

Heidi Sommer, Lynn Wu and Jane Mauldon,
California Connected by 25, May 2009

Fostering Student Success:
Building a Support Program for Students from Foster Care

Jennifer Yarrish and Keely Bielat, Education Advisory Board, 2009

Helping Former Foster Youth Graduate from College:  
Campus Support Programs in California and Washington State

Amy Dworsky and Alfred Perez, Chapin Hall, 2009

California College Pathways Annual Report
January 2009

Serving Former FosterYouth in California Community Colleges:Successes, Challenges, and Recommendations
Darla M. Cooper, Ed.D., Pamela Mery, and Elisa Rassen,
Center for Student Success Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges, October 2008

Supporting Success: Improving Higher Education Outcomes for Students from Foster Care: A framework for program enhancement
Casey Family Programs, June 2008

Emancipated Youth Connections Project Final Report/Toolkit
C. J. Jacobson, R. Friend, M. J. Louisell, P. R. Harris,
2008, California Permanency for Youth Project (CPYP)

Gateway Project featured in Connected by 25:
Financing Education Supports for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Foster Youth Success Initiative Manual
Tracy L. Field & Associates, Fall 2007

Foster Youth Success Initiative Resource Guide

Educational Challenges and Opportunities, for Foster Children and Youth
M. E. Courtney, University of Washington

California Community Colleges Help Foster Dreams
Former wards of the state now have advocates at public institutions. M. Andom, Chronicle of Higher Education, November 9, 2007

Youth Transition Action Teams Initiative
Newsblast, August 2007

Bust ‘N’ Out
This web site dedicated to helping youth find their way in life, including youth in foster care and emancipated youth.

California Youth Connection (CYC)
Driven by current and former foster youth, CYC promotes change to improve the foster care system, social work practice and child welfare policy.

California Connected by 25
January 2008 Update
August 2007 Newsletter

Foster youth: involved, informed, independent.

Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative
Helping youth leaving foster care make successful transitions to adulthood.

The Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman
The State of California supports this site for resources and help for foster youth.

Project YESS
Youth Empowerment Strategies for Success, an initiative of the Foundation for CA Community Colleges provides services to programs working with emancipated foster youth.

Youth Transition Funders Group is a network of grantmakers whose mission is to help all youth make a successful transition to adulthood by age 25.