Underserved Populations

Online Learning: Does it Help Low-Income and Underprepared Students?
S. Smith Jaggars
January 2011

Mapping the Terrain: Language Testing and Placement
for U.S.-Educated Language Minority Students in California's Community Colleges
Executive Summary

Full Report

G.C. Bunch, A. Endris, D. Panayotova, M. Romero, and L. Llosa
Report prepared for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
January 2011

What's in a Test? ESL and English Placement Tests
in California's Community Colleges and Implications
for U.S.-Educated Language Minority Students

L. Llosa and G.C. Bunch
Report prepared for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
January 2011

Pathways out of Poverty for Vulunerable Californians:
Policies that Prepare the Workforce for
Middle-Skill Infrastructure Jobs

V. Rubin, R. Lizardo, A. Jamdar, J. Washington, and A. Zeno
Policy Link

Learning in Context: Preparing Latino Workers for Careers and Continuing Education
E. Moore, Ph.D. and E. Oppenheim
National Council of La Raza

Tapping HSI-STEM Funds to Improve Latina and
Latino Access to STEM Professions

L.E. Malcolm, A.C. Dowd, and T. Yu
Los Angeles, CA: University of Southern California

Minority Male Student Success Database

Terms of Engagement:
Men of Color Discuss Their Experiences in Community College
Executive Summary
Full Report
A. Gardenhire-Crooks, H. Collado, K. Martin, and A. Castro with T. Brock & G. Orr
MDRC, March 2010

Reducing Stereotype Threat
S. Stroessner; C. Good

Community College Impact Study Final Report Presentation
Henry Brady and Anita Mathur, May 16, 2008

Community College Impact Study Summary of Findings
Henry Brady and Anita Mathur, May 16, 2008

Building Tomorrow’s Workforce: Promoting the Education & Advancement of Hispanic Immigrant Workers in America
M. Gershwin, T. Coxen, B. Kelly, G. Yakimov National Center for Workforce Education & Corporation for a Skilled Workforce Feb 2008.

Program helps ex-gang member and school dropout turn her life around
Graduate of Career Ladders Project and Walter S. Johnson Foundation sponsored program at Los Medanos College featured.

Community Colleges May Be Losing Their Edge in Educating Adults
C.R. Nunley, Chronicle of Higher Education, October 26, 2007

College Access for the Working Poor: Overcoming Burdens to Succeed in Higher Education

Documentary Highlights Struggles of Non-traditional Students in Community Colleges
UC Riverside professor illustrates how adequate funding and awareness could help prevent at-risk students from falling through the cracks

Youth Transition Action Teams Initiative
Newsblast, August 2007

Our Youth, Our Economy, Our Future: A National Investment Strategy for Disconnected Youth

Strengthening State Policies to Increase the Education and Skills of Low-Wage Workers.
Adair Crosley and Brandon Roberts, Spring 2007
The Working Poor Families Project

Cost of Education
Documentary on non-traditional students in community colleges
J. Levin and J.Levin
California Community College Collaborative, UCR
July 2007

Negotiating the Curves Toward Employment: A Guide About Youth Involved in the Foster Care System
National Collaborative on Workforce & Disability for Youth
May 2007

Working Poor in the Golden State: A Multi-Measure Comparison Using the 2000 and 1990 Public Use Microdata Samples
Manuel Pastor Jr. and Justin Scoggins, February 2007
Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community, UC Santa Cruz

Stopping the Exodus
Claudia Wallis
TIME, May 14, 2007

Medicaid Access for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care
American Public Human Services Association (APHSA), 2007

Making the Juvenile Justice - Workforce System Connection for Re-entering Young Offenders: A Guide for Local Practice
Linda Harris with Charles Modiano
November 2006

Changing the Landscape for Vulnerable Youth
Lucretia Murphy

Early Lessons from the Strategic Assessment Initiative of the Youth Transitions Funders Group
Jobs for the Future


Connected by 25
Improving Options and Outcomes for Underserved and Out-of-School Youth

From Jobs to Careers:How California Community College Credentials Pay Off For Welfare Participants
A. Mathur with J. Reichle, J. Strawn, and C. Wiseley, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), May 2004

From the Prison Track to the College Track: Pathways to Postsecondary Opportunities for Out-of-School Youth
Lili Allen, Cheryl A. Almeida, and Adria Steinberg

The Dropout Crisis: Promising Approaches in Prevention and Recovery
Adria Steinberg and Cheryl A. Almeida

Four Building Blocks for a System of Educational Opportunity: Developing Pathways To and Through College for Urban Youth
Adria Steinberg, Cheryl A. Almeida, Lili Allen, and Susan Goldberger

Connected by 25: Improving the Life Chances of the Country's Most Vulnerable Youth
Michael Wald and Tia Martinez
Stanford University
November 2003